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East St. Tammany

Flood Protection Committee

Eden Isles Homeowners Association

Flood Protection Committee

(expanded current operating committee)

(historical, replaced by new committee)


Initial presentation & announcement of East St. Tammany Flood Protection Committee at the Eden Isles Homeowner's Asoc. general meeting 3-11-14


> Conclusions - first committee meeting of 3-10-11


Dr. Fitzpatrick's storm surge presentation, 3-11-14

> Alternative Flood Control Structures, June 2011


East St.Tammany Flood Protection Plan, 2-6-15

> Committee response to the LPBF extensive report

Flood Protection - a 10-year reflection, 5-2-15

     ... USACE barrier study update, 3-27-15

     ... Rigolets depth data affects barrier location

> Flood Protection Meeting, June 30, 2011 - 6:30pm

      (Hosted by Rep. Greg Cromer) 

> Flood Protection Meeting, July 21, 2011 

       (Hosted by EIHOA spec. project committee)


> Flood Committee follow up from the July 21, 2011 mtg.


 Barrier based flood mitigation & beach  6-21-18

> Flood Protection Meeting, August 30, 2011 – 5/6pm

(Hosted by LACPRA at the Slidell Library)


> Slidell Ring Levee


 Other flood issues

> Flood Committee response - “Isaac Presentation”

> Hurricane Isaac Presentation by John Faust


> Independent Analysis of USACE Slidell meeting 


 St. Tammany Levee Board   /  stldcd@gmail.com


> USACE flood study request update, April 2013



> Presentation to US Senator David Vitter, 4-26-13



 GEC Northshore flood report of June 2012

> GNO, Inc. - misinterpretations on NFIP rate increase



> Examples related to rate increase misinterpretation

> Chamber of Commerce position on NFIP


> NFIP update by Congressman Scalise 6-21-13

> Power point presentation at the meeting (rev. 8-13)


> Proposed address by EIHOA committee to Scalise

> Committee notes


> Why St. Tammany has no surge protection 8-29-13